Virtual Follow-Up Session

Private phone or video session with a Canine Coach.

Our Virtual Follow-Up sessions are designed for clients who have already had an initial consultation either in-person or virtually. You will be required to send the Coach any requested video footage prior to scheduling your live session. You will gain access to a variety of handouts and tutorial videos once registration is complete. Your coach will communicate with you through an agreed platform by either voice or video calling.

Your Instructor

Pet Intel. Coaches
Pet Intel. Coaches

Pet Intel. offers a team of dedicated coaches who believe in helping clients to become experts of their own dogs. We provide clients with individual advice and support as they strengthen their bond and understanding of their animal. Our philosophy and methodology is based on scientific principles and a true belief in and respect for animal emotion.

Our Coaches are constantly striving to meet new intellectual challenges and goals and to stay current with education and industry science. Below are some of the organizations our Coaches are Members of and participate with.

This course is closed for enrollment.